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Customer Service Script 1



Customer Service Script 1

Top-Down Organization

Communication within the ACME hotel chain: CEO sits at opposite end of room, presumably across the country from subject establishment. Vice President of Western Region, sits closer but still removed from hotel.
Hotel Manager next to reception area. Hotel front desk in center stage.

Narrator: You're about to witness a typical interaction between a customer and the staff at Acme Hotel in Sometown, CA.

Customer: (Walks up to desk) Hi. I'd like to check in.

Clerk: (Waits awhile to notice customer) Huh?

Customer: I said, I'd like to check in now.

Clerk: Just a minute. (Pause) Do you have a reservation?

Customer: Yes.

Clerk: Well what's your name?

Customer: My name is Mr. Client.

Clerk: (Pause while checking records) We don't seem to have a reservation under that name.

Customer: Well I made it over a week ago. My confirmation number is 13762.

Clerk: (Looking at records) Nope. Don't have it.

Customer: Well I still need a room.

Clerk: Too bad. We're full up.

Customer: What do you mean, too bad! Somebody made a mistake here and it wasn't me!

Clerk: Hey! Don't yell at me, I only work here pal!

Customer: Well then let me see the manager.

Clerk: Fine. (Clerk walks over to manager's office, explains problem, and brings him to front desk)

Manager: (Manager addresses customer) Yes sir. May I help you.

Customer: Yes I hope so. I made a reservation at your hotel over a week ago and your clerk tells me he doesn't have it in the system and that there's nothing he can do about it.

Clerk: Well that's right sir. If we don't have you in our system, we can't do anything about it.

Customer: I don't care about your stupid system! Do you have rooms available or not?

Clerk: Oh yes, we have rooms available, but they're for people with reservations.

Customer: But I do have a reservation!

Clerk: Yes but you're not in our system.

Customer: You've got to be kidding! Have you people no minds of your own? So what am I to do.

Manager: We'll we do hold some rooms for emergencies, but I don't have authority to release them. I'd have to call my regional VP.

Customer: Well? What are you waiting for!

Manager: (Goes back to his office and dials up VP) Ring a ding ding!

VP: (Answering his phone) Hello.

Manager: Hello Sir. This is Mr. Slacker at the Sometown location!

VP: Where?

Manager: Sometown. Sometown, CA.

VP: (Pause-thinking) Oh yes. SOMETOWN. Good day Mr. Slacker. What do you want?

Manager: We have gentlemen here that's not in our system but says he has a reservation. I'm wondering if I can give him one of our extra rooms.

VP: Now you know that's against our policy Mr. Slacker.

Manager: I know sir, but this customer is becoming very persistent.

VP: OK. I'll contact the CEO and get back to you.

Manager: OK sir, I'll tell him. (Hangs up phone and addresses customer) Sir, my VP says he'll have to check with our president who has the standby list to see if he can release one of our rooms.

Customer: What?! You've got to be kidding. Can't you people do anything on your own?

Manager: I'm sorry sir, but it's against our policy to release these rooms without checking first with our management. Please wait in our lobby, it shouldn't take but a few minutes.

Customer: All right, but you better make it quick.

VP: (VP dials CEO) Ring a ding ding!

CEO: (CEO picks up phone) Hello.

VP: Yes sir. This is Mr. Daffy. I'm wondering if we can release one of the rooms at the Ridgecrest facility for a guest claiming to have a reservation.

CEO: Well does he have a reservation or doesn't he?

VP: He says he does but it's not in our system.

CEO: Let me call you back in a few minutes. I'll have to check my records.

VP: (Dials up Manager) Ring a ding ding!
Manager: Hello.

VP: Mr. Slacker, this is Mr. Daffy. The president says he'll call me back in a few minutes for news on the room.

Manager: Yes sir thank you. (hangs up phone) (Addressing customer) Excuse me sir. It will be just a few minutes while my VP waits to hear from the president regarding your room.

Customer: Never Mind you imbacil! I've had enough. I'm going to find a hotel that has some semblance of customer service. (Turning to leave) See if I'll ever come back here again!

Manager: Suit yourself Mr.

VP: (VP dials up manager) Ring a ding ding!

Manager: (Manager answers phone) Hello.

VP: Yes. This is Mr. Daffy again. The CEO says you can release that room.

Manager: It doesn't matter now. The customer got tired of waiting.

VP: OK. No problem then. Bye.

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